About Us

Bride at Home began in 1991, at Jan’s house in Downend. For 30 years, she made thousands of Brides’ dreams come true. She earned a fantastic reputation that would later become the foundation for ‘Bride at Home Boutique’.


In 2011, Jan moved into her new spacious premises, located on Downend Highstreet.
Since then, Jan and her team have continued to find, create, personalise dream gowns for all occasions. With their professional, friendly expertise they can offer you their undivided attention, as every bride deserves; Bride at Home are passionate about helping brides look and feel wonderful on their big day.


 Our gowns are carefully selected by the team from the best suppliers around the world, providing for weddings, formal and informal – both at home and abroad.

These range from standard UK sizes 6-32 and can be altered and personalised to ensure a perfect fit.

If you are recently engaged, and are looking to say yes to the dress, come and see our exciting collection of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and beautiful accessories.





Jan – Boutique Owner, and Fairy God Mother

The owner of Bride at Home Boutique. Starting from her home and later moving to her boutique in Downend; Jan has loved every second of her Bridal industry experience. With over 30 years’ experience, she can always find exactly what you are looking for. If your dream dress is not waiting for you on the rail, she can personalise and create your dream gown.

Her talent shines brighter than she even knows herself, and nothing is out of reach!

She puts her heart and soul into every dress sold; a true fairy god mother.




Bethanie Rose – Bridal Boutique and Social Media Manager

Beth came along when we least expected her with a pitch we could not refuse; alongside her passion to be the voice of young people, and business course, Beth quickly became a part of our boutique family. With all that Beth achieved in her first two years, it was clear, her love for the company shone brighter than ever expected.

Starting as a Business apprentice in 2019, we are now delighted to announce in 2022 she became our boutique manager.
Behind the scenes Beth is our organiser, planner, and events manager. But beyond that she is still there for our clients, from finding your dress, all the way to making sure everything is perfect. She is our and your very own personal perfectionist!




Nancy– Senior Bridal Consultant


Nancy has been a key member of the team since Bride at Home Boutique opened its doors in Downend in 2011.


Discovering her life’s passion in bridal, Nancy has become an expert in each stage of the bride’s journey. With a keen sense of beauty honed over many years, she instinctively understands each bride’s needs. Her approach is to help select a dress that not only suits bride’s body shape, but also reflects their personality and inner beauty!


Following a period working in marketing, at the start of 2022 Nancy accepted Jan’s invitation and returned to her first love as senior bridal consultant at Bride at Home Boutique.


Nancy has already helped thousands of customers prepare for their big day - she would be thrilled to help make your wedding/prom day a perfect one too!




Karen– Bridal Consultant

With over 18 years’ experience in the bridal industry, we were delighted when Karen joined our team as our weekend lady!


With her relaxed manner, but know for trends and what works best on each body shape, we know Karen was our missing piece to the boutique puzzle!






Tash and Stacey
We also partner with two amazing and talented seamstresses who can also personalise and create exactly what you are looking for. Both these wonderful ladies although rarely seen in the boutique front, work day and night to make sure you have everything asked for! We will be forever grateful to our seamstress team, who are there when we need them most – for you.